Kick Your Dropdowns Up a Notch with ‘DropKick’ – a jQuery plugin

Show me a front end designer who hasn’t suffered through styling dropdown elements with cross browser support and I’ll show you my pet unicorn.

Style Dropdowns with DropKick

Thankfully DropKick, a jQuery plugin, is now available styling those pesky dropdowns with great ease and flexibility while maintaining native functionality and cross browser support.

A few things that really make DropKick stand out:

  1. Maintaining native functionality such as keyboard navigation
    1. Including scrollability.js enables scrolling on iOS devices
  2. Themed approach.  The ability to create and share a theme file really broadens the scope for this project.
  3. Backwards support – No javscript installed means the original dropdowns will work as originally intended.
  4. Cross Browser Support – Under the hood this plugin removes the select and option elements from the DOM and replaces them with div elements and ul li elements, while programmatically replicating the action.  Because of this the cross browser support increases dramatically.
  5. Available for forking on github.


Plus I love the name ‘DropKick’.


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