Increase Usability and Likability of Select Tags


Chosen is a sweet little JavaScript plugin that converts your select boxes into a rich user experience. 

One of the coolest features of Chosen is the way it converts multiple selects into an intuitive and auto-completing element which mimics the tagging functionality that users have become increasingly comfortable with.

Just as we discussed about dropkick.js – Chosen replaces the actual SELECT and OPTION tags from the DOM and replicates the functionality with DIVs and ULs.  The result is beautifully styled method for handling selects of all types which are cross browser compatible.

  • Chosen is available for multiple libraries including jQuery, prototype.
  • Available for forking on GitHub – Notable forks being Chosen for MooTools and Chosen Dripal7 Module.
  • The way the multiple select boxes are handled is really slick.
  • Incorporation is easy – so easy in fact that the third step is “Disco” with a link to the Pulp Fiction’s Preacher Man Scene on You Tube.   Gotta love it.
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