Get a Closer Look with jqZoom – a jQuery Plugin

Want to show off all the detail of a large picture without taking up the entire browser? The jqZoom plugin allows users to easily explore large photos in a controlled area.

jQuery Zoom

The user interface it generates is smooth and intuitive.  As one might expect – the plugin requires that you supply both the scaled down and large versions of the picture.

jqZoom comes with some great features and extras.  There are several zoom styles you can choose from which control how the zoom box looks and acts on the picture.   In addition you can create a gallery view with multiple pictures.

With the zoom capabilities you are able to share more information about specific pictures that the pictures themselves, because of their size, would not have allowed.

The applications in which this plugin can be used are numerous and the elegant way in which it handles the pictures will bring a touch of style with the additional functionality.

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