CSS3 support in IE 6-8


The future is bright and full of endless possibilities.  Some day the world wide web will be awash in beautiful and compliant CSS3.   Developers everywhere will be forgetting how to make rounded corners with images and cutting 1 pixel wide gradient backgrounds. But that is the future.  Today many of us are still stuck supporting IE.  If your work targets Asia than chances are good you are even supporting IE6.  Backwards support for IE will be upon us long into the days of CSS3 friendly IE9.

For the most part CSS3 effects are simply cosmetic niceties that are not vital to the functionality of a site.  I have seen, for the most part, a general attitude of not providing CSS3 effectual support to browsers that do not support it.   It has been treated more as a reward to those technically savvy folks who updated their browser.

Screen Shot of CSS3 Effects in IE6

Enter CSS3 PIE.  The site that is trying to provide a more “Progressive Internet Explorer”.   CSS3 PIE has decided to fight the unpopular fight of taking CSS3 support back into dark abyss of previous IE versions.   Even IE 6 – which is no longer supported by Microsoft – can display fancy CSS3 code.  The screen shot on the right was taken using IE6.

CSS3PIE is helping to bring a little style and class back to the browsing experience.  It’s easy to use and initially looks promising.


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