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Avert Image Blockers – Convert your Images into HTML

Email clients, like Outlook, unapologetically treat all images the same. After years of scams, viruses and malware injections email clients have largely put image display second to security by default. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily embed an image of high importance right in the code – and display an image without an image file? With Img to CSS you can convert your images into straight HTML and place the code in the email.
Img to CSS is a basic site with a single purpose – to easily convert images into HTML.

How does it work?

In Dream Weaver

The HTML in Dreamweaver's Design view

The HTML code that is generated consists of a single table tag with several tiny cells.  Each cell has a background color and act as pixels in displaying the image.   For very complex images you can almost expect one cell for every single pixel in the image.

The obvious down side to converting your image into a huge table is the amount of HTML code needed.   In the example above the .jpg file on the left is only 5kb while the HTML code required to create the same image amounts to 125kb!   The converter does try to manage ballooning code by merging neighboring like colored cells – thereby reducing the code somewhat.   But the ballooning code is the bottleneck here.

And, as with all code, the environment into which it is placed can greatly effect the code display.   It is possible that pre-existing CSS could destroy the image.  Case-in-point: I had to override some theme CSS in this very post to get the above image to display correctly.

The Value is in the Emails

The strength of Img to CSS is the ability to convert your image into something that is not an image for email delivery.   With a tool like this you could easily convert a company logo or icons into HTML and email along with full confidence that they will arrive intact.  Obviously you are going to want to stick with small images and icons as the code size will balloon exponentially relative to the dimensions of the image.

Img to CSS offers 3 free conversions to try out their package.   Conversions are $.50 each thereafter.  They also offer a monthly subscription ($30) for unlimited conversions.  In addition they offer an API for developers to plugin to their service.